cOINS Attraction is for the business organization at minting souvenir coins in the tourism and entertainment industries.

The term of full cost recovery is 2 weeks at a fantastic return 500-700%! The arithmetic of this business is very simple: value of ready coins in 5-10 times greater value blanks of coins .

Only in our construction used principle - minimal effort give the best results. It's principle Paretto - 20% - 80%

Equipment consists of:

- case, 1 set in assembly ;
- 2 stamps from extremely resistant tool steel at unique technology (currently are stamps that used daily for over 5 years!). Each stamp is one-sided and developed individually for each customer, according to his wishes. Stamps can be changed as needed. And if have several stamps - you can generate different designs of coins.
- blanks for coins (blank brass - 100 and blank copper - 100 pcs.).

From you only desire and little effort to put case with to 2 bolts (they are also included), insert the bottom stamp, magic blanks for coins, put upper stamp and the efforts of a large hammer recive thee result of this miracle "Lucky coin".

Equipment of coin attraction is sent as parcel on prepay

We offer a partnership to implement the ideas own business or diversify your business.

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